"I didn’t anticipate how much this course would help me with my journey of self-acceptance and getting rid of anxiety I didn’t even know was there. I’m now more grounded, at ease and I feel like I’m able to accomplish a lot more with my time. Naianna’s scientific approach elevates the game whilst being totally accessible."

- Course student

Masterclass 1


  • What our signature meditation technique is

  • Introduction to mindfulness and how it changes your brain

  • Best ways and best postures to practice

  • The difference between mindfulness and meditation

  • How mindfulness decreases immediate stress, increases focus and productivity

  • The mind-body interplay of mindfulness and meditation

  • How your 5 senses are enhanced during mindfulness and meditation 

  • The importance of breathwork to supplement your practice

  • Habit formation, breaking free from ingrained behaviours and making meditation a daily habit with the use of neuroscience

Masterclass 2


  • Different states of consciousness and what each is doing to your brain

  • How to build 9 key brain regions with meditation 

  • Introduction to nondirective meditation and how to use a mantra

  • Unstressing and emotional processing after starting your practice

  • Introduction to Metta meditation and how to practice it

  • The neuroscience of emotional intelligence and the compassionate mind

  • How to access your subconscious mind power

  • How to balance your left and right hemispheres of the brain 

  • How to measure your progress and success

Masterclass 3


  • What visualisation is and how to practice it

  • The key brain regions you're activating when you visualise

  • What you believe, you perceive: how the brain makes sense of reality (and how you can shift it)

  • How to visualise and narrow down clear goals

  • The key part that's missing when manifesting for success

  • How to use meditation and visualisation to achieve your goals



  • Ongoing one to one support

  • Free email consultations for 3 months

  • Homework assignments to support your practice

  • Access to key reading material and recommended external content

  • Bonus guided meditations


I'm proud to bring to you a bespoke neuroscience-based meditation training in partnership with Mind Initiatives. 


Learn how meditation can rewire and elevate your brain and significantly improve your brain health and overall wellbeing. After this course, you will become a self-sufficient meditator for life. 

The complete training is split into three masterclasses, delivered to you over one day.  

Limited spaces available




Complete  One-day Live Online Training

£55 per person



Saturday 26th June, 10am - 2pm (UK time)
Duration: 4 hours with short breaks.


Saturday 17th July, 10am - 2pm (UK time) 
Duration: 4 hours with short breaks.


If you are interested in a private 1-2-1 course or corporate offerings, please get in touch!